5000 Box

Here is a picture of some of the ABU classic reels I am looking for. I am especially interested in classic reels from 1970 through 1979 along with their boxes. Model types of particular interest include the 5500 Brown, 5500 Champagne Gold, 5500 Red, 5500 CDL, 2500C, 1500C, 6600C, and any other classic models from the early years. Please call me if you have any of these models or have any questions regarding other Ambassaduer model reels you may have. I am willing to trade my rods, reels and fishing tackle for these reels. Special note; conditions of the reels will dictate what I am willing to trade. Also, any of the older ABU boxes that you may have laying around. The picture shown is a 5000D and 5500 Champagne Gold which were made for Gamble SKOGMO 50th Aniversary.

Contact me at 818-848-6180 or email me at don@iovino.com