Don Iovino's
El Salto Bass Fishing Adventure!

2004 El Salto Trip

2002 El Salto Trip

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Experience the Shangri-La of Bass Fishing!

If you are interested in taking a bass fishing trip of a lifetime, please email, fax or call me and leave your name and phone number and I will return your call on my dime and run through the program with you. I can answer any questions you may have such as tackle, weather, transportation information, payment information and other activities; what to expect when you get there and the best times to go to the most unique bass fishing lake in the world.

There are three packages available: the White Glove VIP Package, the Regular Package, and the Econo Package. All packages include four night stay and three full days of fishing.

Don't hesitate to contact Don to find out more about booking a trip to the Famous El Salto Big Bass Lake!


This fish was 10.2 pounds! It didn't even have a belly! Come spring time it would have been 12 pounds or better! This was one of 15 fish I caught in this spot. This spot had a 5' top, dropping to 13' and the fish were stacked in the 13' hole. The Lowrance sonar light up like a Christmas tree! I followed the 13' drop and it lead out into the main channel. It was a dream spot if there ever was one. I could call the shot with every cast, nothing under 8 pounds came out! All these fish were caught on 20# Berkley Sensation line, 3/16 sinker - pegged, 4/0 Owner Hook and an 8" Dezyner Bait Snake, color S23A, one of my special colors.

Don Don

The lake has risen 6 feet since my visit. As the weather starts to cool down the water temperature will drop as well (the water temperature during my visit was 80 degrees!). Fishing will become REALLY good during the November and December time frame. The baits that will be very effective will be the reaction baits such as large jerk baits, deep diving crank plugs, topwater baits like the Splash-It II in the Bluegill color, Woodchoppers, spinnerbaits such as Nickols Pulsator Tandem Willowleafs, Chearteuse blades with White-chartreuse skirts, and 8" or better worms in reds. Gary Yamamoto's 7" Senko in smoked sparkle will also work well.


This is my friend Tim Galloway. Tim was the one who took these pictures with his digital camera and made this display possible. I would like to personally thank Tim for all his contributions and wonderfull help. Tim is going to be one of the guides at El Salto. He is an excellent fisherman, and dedicated hard worker. He is someone that you would definitely want to spend a day in the boat with. In addition to Tim there are two other American guides that will be working for the service. Pat Donoho, a great fisherman and great guide, and Bob Porter, a great fisherman and guide, and the number one man for the service. He will see to it that your stay will be enjoyable, all your needs be satisified, and will do everything he can to ensure you catch big fish. These guys and the many local Mexican guides are what makes trips to El Salto memorable and worthwhile.



Here is the hotel you will stay at during your El Salto visit. It is a clean and comfortable hotel. The resturant is clean and the food is excellent and the service is great. You will not go hungry during your stay. The gentleman I have my arm around is JR and he is the owner of the resturant and hotel. He is a very nice and congenial individual and will do everything in his power to make your stay comfortable and memorable.